June 7, 2016
May 3, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Craig Brown

Craig Brown takes over the agency Instagram tomorrow!

He’s our go-to guy for anything b2b or financial. After more than eight years here at ab+c we know we can actually go to him for anything.

Full-time account supervisor, part-time interior decorator (a title he earned after he helped coordinate our whole first floor renovation) and holder of our March Madness brackets—he’s Craig Brown and he’ll be taking over our Instagram tomorrow to walk you through a day in his life here at the agency.

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April 19, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Ashley Shuey

Ashley Shuey

Ashley Shuey

She’s super funny and super talented at helping our clients plan their traditional and digital media. Ashley Shuey was brave enough to “volunteer” (after we told her she was the chosen one) to be the first participant in our new Employee Spotlight expedition. She answered some really serious questions and gave us access to her very non-goofy photos.

Tomorrow, Ashley will take over the agency’s Instagram account and lead us through her day in photos, videos and boomerangs. Make sure to follow @abc_creative on IG!

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Facebook: Do you like it, love it or want to cry about it?

facebook emotionFacebook has heard its users’ feedback loud and clear. For years, the networking conglomerate has been receiving requests for a “Dislike” button in addition to the “Like” button (I submitted one of those requests). On February 24, after many months of user testing in a number of countries, Facebook delivered so much more than a “Dislike” button with its extravagant expressions options, “Reactions.”

The expressions are more or less an addition to the “Like” button, and people are excited about the upgrade. Read full post...


Four Social Media Tactics for Public Relations Professionals

shutterstock_339403310How do you use social media in public relations? I’m not asking how you write a social media strategy for your clients, or how you adapt social messaging across different platforms, or how you’ve run a social contest, or how you’ve leveraged Periscope at an event. I’m asking if you, as a PR professional, are using these amazing tools to “PR your PR”—to gather research and information, and to develop relationships with and pitch journalists.Read full post...

Why the Biebs could work for our PR department

hollywoodAs a public relations professional working in the 21st century, I am reminded every day about the importance of combining traditional tactics with (the ever-growing in popularity) practices from the wonderful world of technology. Social media, search engine optimization and big data analysis—to name a few—are not going away any time soon, but many of us in the marcom industry still have a lot to learn when it comes to integrating these strategies into our campaigns.

Recently, I’ve been taking advice from my friends in Hollywood. You might not believe it, but megastars like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have some genius marketing tricks up their sleeves. Let’s take a look at their most recent album launches.Read full post...

July 28, 2015

ab+c Public Relations Team Wins State, Then National Press Awards

Educating beach-goers in Dewey about protecting their skin.

Educating beach-goers in Dewey about protecting their skin.

Leah Haugh and Dante LaPenta made some statewide and national PR noise for ab+c Creative Intelligence. The pair won first place awards from the Delaware Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW). Let’s see how they made it happen.

Working with the Delaware Division of Public Health, the ab+c public relations team was tasked with spreading the word on spreading sunscreen as well as getting screened for skin cancer. And as the behavior change marketing experts at ab+c know better than most, getting people to even consider a behavior modification (like turning off the tanning bed) is no easy task.Read full post...

June 29, 2015

F&M Trust Chooses ab+c Creative Intelligence for Social and Digital Media

F&M Trust Logo

F&M Trust is an independent community bank headquartered in Chambersburg, PA.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—F&M Trust has selected ab+c Creative Intelligence, a full-service marketing communications agency, to develop social media and digital media campaigns. The campaigns will support the Central Pennsylvania–based financial services company in reaching its growing base of individual and business customers.Read full post...

Find your unused content and share it.

Think about all the untold stories, all of the unshared expertise, experience, and knowledge.

Think about all the untold stories, all of the unshared expertise, experience, and knowledge.

Remember summer reading lists? If you were like me, you procrastinated until late August then hustled through all of the books — barely finishing before the first day of school or even later (don’t tell Mrs. Holden). But there was one summer reading book that I couldn’t put down — To Kill a Mockingbird. I assumed I’d never hear from Scout and Jem Finch again. But hold on, Maycomb. Harper Lee is publishing a “sequel” called Go Set a Watchman, which chronicles Scout’s life as as an adult.

This story of rediscovery is incredible. Here are the Cliff Notes:Read full post...