September 14, 2018

Ad Operations Specialist

Are you a half-human, half-cyborg digital media robot sent from the future? Does ad tracking and optimization get you as excited as your TI-84 did in college? Do you also love brainstorming and testing concepts based on industry best practices? Then why are you still reading? We need to talk.

Core Role

The Ad Operations Specialist supports our digital media team, using the DoubleClick platform to build and traffic digital campaigns, monitor their delivery and impressions, report on them using Google Analytics, and much more.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with our team to obtain all necessary assets to ensure successful campaign setup and launch of ad units in HTML5, display, rich media, mobile, native content and video.
  • Be the primary point of contact for external vendors and publishers, as well as for internal teams regarding online advertising technical issues.
  • Flag any issues with tracking or delivery, and suggest performance optimizations for campaigns according to KPIs.
  • Evaluate ad tech trends, plus proactively share changes and innovations with the team to demonstrate how they impact our clients.
  • Brainstorm creative concepts and present ideas for new ad tests, including images, copy, calls to action and landing pages.
  • Apply knowledge of Tag Managers (Preferably Google or WordPress), Google Analytics and IAB standards.
  • Troubleshoot issues with pixel placement, backend conversion links and integration with DCM.

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