October 2016

Production Manager

Are you passionate about paper stock? Does aqueous coating make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? Could a varnish hit the spot? Then we want to talk to you. We’re ab+c, one of Ad Age’s Top 50 agencies in the country and we’re looking for our next a production manager. Here, you’ll work alongside fun and funny people in an environment that feels a lot more like home than work. We’re not your typical agency. We don’t churn and burn people. We treat everyone with respect. And we reward people when they do work hard. So if you’re ready to move onto to your next chapter, keep reading.Read full post...

October 2016
October 2016

Dungarvin Recruitment Marketing Campaign

DungarvinFounded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1976, Dungarvin is a national organization of privately owned companies that are dedicated to providing high-quality, community-based support to people with varying needs. Currently, Dungarvin employs over 4,000 people who provide support to more than 4,000 individuals across 14 states. Read full post...

October 2016

Account Project Coordinator

People love the freedom and friendliness they’ve found at ab+c Creative Intelligence. Maybe you will, too. We’re looking for an account project coordinator, someone with a couple of years of experience in an agency or marketing-related setting. Are you an effective communicator? Do you have ample amounts of energy and enthusiasm? Maybe you’re the right fit for our account service team. You’d be working with a range of people with a range of personalities, helping them manage projects and develop workable budgets and timelines. And you’d be the liaison between the creative team and client.Read full post...

October 2016
October 2016
September 2016

Sunoco Race Fuels launches new website

sunocoracefuelsab+c Creative Intelligence builds responsive, mobile-ready site to help drivers “Go Fast”

WILMINGTON, Del. — September 12, 2016 — Sunoco Race Fuels, the largest manufacturer of racing gasoline in the world, launched a new website, www.sunocoracefuels.com, to make it easier to find Sunoco Race Fuels and get the latest news about Team Sunoco. Developed by ab+c Creative Intelligence, one of the region’s largest full-service marketing communications firms, with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, the site addresses customers’ most frequently asked questions.Read full post...

The Forgotten Audience Segment

forgottenaudienceAs marketers, we’re pretty good at defining audience groups within our target market, identifying their pain points and developing messaging that addresses those points. On a good day, we even come up with unique messaging for each audience segment. But there’s one segment that most marketers forget, ignore or consider to be “not our problem”—existing customers.Read full post...

The Importance of Storytelling

What's Your StoryThe 2016 Olympics are now history and for a short time this summer we were witness to amazing athletic feats demonstrating perseverance, competitiveness, national pride, raw talent, strength, agility, beauty and grace. Always a marketer, I will remember these Olympics for the athletic achievements of the individuals and teams that competed, and their stories, both on and off the field.

That brings me to the power of storytelling in marketing communications—stories appeal to people and are often more easily remembered than facts.Read full post...

What drove Ryan Lochte to sink instead of swim in Rio?

Rio 2016If you asked anyone during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games who would be the most talked about U.S. athlete come the end of the games, we can guarantee you no one would’ve answered Ryan Lochte.

Yet, even with Michael Phelps swimming his final Olympic event, winning more gold medals than any other athlete in history, the worldwide stage that is the Olympics belonged to Ryan Lochte. And as everyone knows, the curtain came down on that stage with international criticism, disgrace and controversy.
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