September 2016

Sunoco Race Fuels launches new website

sunocoracefuelsab+c Creative Intelligence builds responsive, mobile-ready site to help drivers “Go Fast”

WILMINGTON, Del. — September 12, 2016 — Sunoco Race Fuels, the largest manufacturer of racing gasoline in the world, launched a new website, www.sunocoracefuels.com, to make it easier to find Sunoco Race Fuels and get the latest news about Team Sunoco. Developed by ab+c Creative Intelligence, one of the region’s largest full-service marketing communications firms, with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, the site addresses customers’ most frequently asked questions.Read full post...

The Forgotten Audience Segment

forgottenaudienceAs marketers, we’re pretty good at defining audience groups within our target market, identifying their pain points and developing messaging that addresses those points. On a good day, we even come up with unique messaging for each audience segment. But there’s one segment that most marketers forget, ignore or consider to be “not our problem”—existing customers.Read full post...

The Importance of Storytelling

What's Your StoryThe 2016 Olympics are now history and for a short time this summer we were witness to amazing athletic feats demonstrating perseverance, competitiveness, national pride, raw talent, strength, agility, beauty and grace. Always a marketer, I will remember these Olympics for the athletic achievements of the individuals and teams that competed, and their stories, both on and off the field.

That brings me to the power of storytelling in marketing communications—stories appeal to people and are often more easily remembered than facts.Read full post...

What drove Ryan Lochte to sink instead of swim in Rio?

Rio 2016If you asked anyone during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games who would be the most talked about U.S. athlete come the end of the games, we can guarantee you no one would’ve answered Ryan Lochte.

Yet, even with Michael Phelps swimming his final Olympic event, winning more gold medals than any other athlete in history, the worldwide stage that is the Olympics belonged to Ryan Lochte. And as everyone knows, the curtain came down on that stage with international criticism, disgrace and controversy.
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The Spatial Science of Marketing Segmentation

PieChart-Segmentation-2During my undergraduate years as a geography and economics major, a professor shared his belief that everything in the world can be related to geography, because geography is the spatial science focused on where things are and why they occur there. Geographers seek to answer questions related to location, place, spatial pattern and interaction when studying a cultural or physical environment.Read full post...

What inspires you?

Inspiration is defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

what-inspires-youMotivation, stimulation and encouragement are powerful forces for human beings. Together they lead to inspiration, which spurs creativity, inventiveness and brilliance. In my opinion, inspiration can motivate individuals to do things they would otherwise not think possible, to act in ways that allow them to achieve success, and to reach new heights far outside their comfort zone. I believe inspiration can come in many forms, but with a focus on creating something positive, inspiration always drives greatness.Read full post...

July 2016
July 2016

ab+c Creative Intelligence enters new strategic partnership with Global Learning and Diversity Partners

ab+c takes steps to foster greater diversity, inclusion and equity for the benefit of clients and the community

Global Learning & Diversity Partners. Culturally aware. Culturally Intelligent.Wilmington, DE – July 14, 2016 – ab+c Creative Intelligence, one of the region’s largest full-service marketing communications firms with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, recently announced a new partnership with Global Learning and Diversity Partners, LLC (GLDP). A bilingual management consulting organization, the Wilmington, Delaware-based GLDP focuses on helping health systems, academic medical centers, government, education and large and small businesses build inclusive learning workplaces. ab+c chose to partner with GLDP based on the integrity of their work, depth of services and experience and measurable outcomes. GLDP’s focus on healthcare and educational-oriented industries also presented a natural fit for a significant portion of ab+c’s client base.Read full post...

July 2016

ICYMI (In case you missed it) – Takeaways from Social Media Day 2016

By Amanda Kalbrosky, Paige Miller and Caity Smith

Amanda Kalbrosky, Paige Miller, Caity Smith
On June 30th, the 7th annual Social Media Day—a global day of recognition for the growing collection of social platforms—was held at our favorite middle school field trip destination: The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Speakers from more than 30 organizations shared their insights on everything from the early days of social media to capitalizing on user-generated content to what they predict for the future of social media.Read full post...