Physician Recruitment Marketing: Four Years, Big Difference

Attending the ASPR 2015 conference in Orlando  gives us the chance to talk recruitment strategies with attendees

Shawn Kessler talks recruitment strategy with ASPR 2015 attendees.

This year I attended my fifth ASPR (Association of Staff Physician Recruiters) conference. My biggest takeaway: The physician shortage has truly become a real, living, breathing thing that, understandably, has a lot of recruiters terrified.

Rewind to 2011. Chicago. The conference was smaller with fewer attendees and vendors.  You would hear “The physician shortage is coming” and “Take these steps so your health system is prepared” or “These are the recruiters you should be using.” The term “recruitment marketing” was hardly known at that point.Read full post...

May 2015

ab+c Brings Home Five Aster Awards

ab+c Creative Intelligence is happy to welcome five new Aster Awards into our office. What do these wins mean to us? They mean we develop strong creative for our healthcare and public health clients’ advertising campaigns and websites. The Aster Awards program is an elite competition dedicated to recognizing the nation’s most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising, according to the award’s website.

Winning creative included two websites that won silver — the American Nurses Association site, promoting its quality improvement indicator tracking system, and the Delaware Department of Public Health (DDPH) site, promoting protecting your skin from the sun. The skin-saving campaign — “Save Yourself” — also took home a gold award for the print and digital creative pieces.Read full post...

Four marketing topics physician recruiters should pay attention to

15 tips 2As a staff recruiter, you have to target physicians precisely, and then differentiate yourself from your competition — and do it all on time and on budget. That budget may be tight. You may be a team of one. And the physician shortage sure doesn’t help. But you press on.

Because your bottom line relies on the income physicians bring into your organization.

In ab+c’s 10 + years of helping physician recruiters, we’ve seen the challenges you face. And we’ve helped healthcare organizations find and bring in the physicians they need to keep the bottom line in the black.

But even if you can’t hire an agency just yet, we can still help with your recruitment strategy. Here are four areas you should focus on:Read full post...

May 2015

ab+c Improves Mobile Functionality for Physician Recruitment

physician recruitment made easy

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ab+c Creative Intelligence is making the job application process a whole lot easier for busy physicians as VCU Medical Center becomes the first institution to include “Apply Using Doximity” functionality. ab+c recognized that most physicians were viewing recruitment-related emails and open positions on mobile devices. Thus, the agency designed VCU’s physician recruitment site – – so candidates can click once and apply with Doximity, the largest professional networking tool for physicians and healthcare professionals.Read full post...

May 2015

ab+c Creative Intelligence scores healthcare ad awards

Wilmington, DE—ab+c Creative Intelligence, a full-service marketing communications agency, earned ten awards in the 32nd Healthcare Advertising Awards, a competition conducted by Healthcare Marketing Report. Among more than 3,700 entrants, ab+c was proud to walk away with silver, bronze and merit awards in eight different categories.

According to the Healthcare Advertising Awards, entries were judged on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact. “We’re proud the work we do with our clients meets the high standards of the Healthcare Ad Awards, and that we’re able to compete and win on a national level,” says Paul Pomeroy, Director of Marketing at ab+c.Read full post...

How to Become a Thought Leader

Who is your person? Your most trusted source of information and support? Who is the person you look to for guidance? For me it’s my husband. He’s smart, he’s usually right, and I trust him. (Not so much when it comes to grumpy teenagers or what shoes go with what outfit, but that’s another story.)

For many organizations, being the go-to source of expertise is the premier communications objective. “Make us the thought leader in our industry/region/community. Put us on the map!” It’s said in almost every PR strategy meeting.Read full post...

April 2015

Avoiding the Heroin Trap

The Heroin Trap is a New Castle County drug prevention public awareness campaign.

The Heroin Trap is a New Castle County drug prevention public awareness campaign.

Heroin addiction is not a game. But can a game alert people to the dangers of the drug? ab+c teamed up with the New Castle County Police Department and New Castle County Heroin Alert Program to create a countywide campaign that alerts youth and their parents to the dangers of falling into “The Heroin Trap.”Read full post...

How B2B marketers can create a blog that drives leads

how b2b marketers can create a blog that drives leadsIf you’re a B2B company and aren’t blogging on the reg yet, what in the world are you waiting for? While your competitors are blogging to generate new leads, you’re going to become a victim of falling behind. But I get it – you’re busy – and in charge of everything from strategic planning, running the day to day, your social media, answering to the sales department and having to prove marketing’s ROI to the boss-man. But if a blog is done correctly, it can be a powerful lead-generating tool, SEO booster and all-over knockout way to prove your organization’s expertise and knowledge.Read full post...


If Taylor Swift can prevent a PR crisis, so can you.

Crisis communication can be handled by a PR team, but like anything it's better to avoid a crisis if possibleAs a communication major at the University of Delaware, I have endured endless lectures and read countless chapters about the importance of crisis communication. Any public figure, organization, or institution is vulnerable to a “crisis,” whether a serious threat to people or property or a blow to their reputation. Public relations professionals know that the best way to handle crises is to have a plan. Read full post...

Indiana could learn something from the Oakland A’s

The Oakland A’s announced they are hosting their very first LGBT Pride Night

The Oakland A’s announced they are hosting their very first LGBT Pride Night.

Indiana could learn something from California, or at least from a member of the Oakland Athletics.

Diversity has been on the minds of everyone in the country this week. Obviously, we have all heard about the religious-freedom law that Indiana just “secretly” not-so-secretly passed. I am positive that if you did not have an opinion one way or the other about LGBTQ rights, you do now. It saddens me that this is where this country is at, and these are the stories in the headlines. I also recognize that even bad publicity is good publicity or at least is creating awareness. Read full post...